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Before talking about Green New Deal, we must tackle our Big Green Debt

Not too long ago, radical environmentalists in Congress attempted to pass an extreme climate change agreement they dubbed the “Green New Deal.” Though this legislation did not pass and is widely unpopular with the American populace, that has not stopped Democrats from trying to implement portions of the legislation at the state and local levels.

The hyper-fixation by Democrats, or as I like to call them, Spendorcrats, on alternative energy is a dangerous precedent by leadership in this country. Earlier this month, our country was on the brink of default because Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress neglected to negotiate a budget until the last minute, despite ongoing attempts by Republicans for nearly half a year.

Instead of focusing on these long-term ideas, leaders in Washington need to focus on the issues impacting Americans now; kitchen table issues. As a financial adviser, when clients ask whether investing in energy-efficient windows or appliances is a good idea, I first make sure they’re prepared to meet their current obligations if something goes wrong. In other words, our team ensures they have enough savings to pay their bills if they lose their job.

People hold signs calling for President Joe Biden to support a Green New Deal and end his support of pipelines and the fossil fuel industry. St. Paul, Minnesota, Jan. 29, 2021. (Tim Evans/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

I ask these questions because, like the federal government, we make sure our clients focus on long-term issues, not short-term desires. Before our government starts to regulate energy production and alternative energy resources, we must ensure our finances are in order to pay our bills. As we saw earlier this month, that is easier said than done.

The Democrats' incredible war on gas stoves Video

Among Democrats’ proposals, the biggest losers are lower- and middle-class Americans who cannot afford the proposed alternatives. For example, a consumption tax on animal-based proteins will effectively force farmers and agricultural companies out of business, and lower- and middle-class Americans will not be able to purchase plant-based alternatives retailing for significantly higher prices.

Equally as important, even if prices do come down due to economies of scale, it doesn’t negate the fact that study after study shows most consumers do not enjoy the product. Like many things in life, merely saying something is what it isn’t doesn’t change reality. Fake meat is, well… fake.

Aside from chasing a progressive fairy tale to outlaw animal-based farming in the name of climate justice, these policies will bankrupt one of our country’s most significant economic sectors. If there’s anything we must be self-sufficient in, it is meeting agricultural demands to fully feed our country.

The United States has always been regarded as a global innovator that values intellectual property. On the other hand, China has always been regarded as a replicator that steals from its adversaries and manipulates products for its own profit.

AOC pushes Green New Deal in response to wildfire smoke blanketing NYC Video

The Green New Deal and progressive environmental policies are detrimental to the fabric of our republic. Not only will they force everyday Americans to undergo unnecessary financial burdens, but they are also putting our national security at risk.


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