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Biden admin shredded for targeting bans on trans treatment for kids: 'Federal government has been weaponized'

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declared that the Biden administration is using the Department of Justice to battle “state laws that target trans kids” to the chagrin of conservatives on Twitter Friday.

Early in the White House press briefing, Jean-Pierre commemorated the start of Pride Month and proclaimed the administration’s solidarity with the “LGBTQI+ community” and the cause of “equality and freedom for all people.” 

In contrast, she said, “This year has been really scary for our community,” because “people are being treated, threatened, intimidated and targeted for who they are and who they love.”

She went on to try to frame America’s national debate over the legality of allowing minors to engage in life-altering medications and surgeries due to transgender ideation.


“This year alone, more than 600 anti-LGBTQI bills have been filed in statehouses across the country, and a significant portion of those bills target transgender youth,” she commented. “As President Biden says, these young people are some of the bravest people he knows, but no one should have to be brave to be themselves.”

She followed by suggesting that Biden is defending civil rights by directing the federal government to oppose states banning transgender medical procedures on minors.

“Make no mistake: the federal government has been weaponized against parents that want to protect their children,” the account representing Chicago’s Morning Answer radio program summarized Jean-Pierre’s comments.

“Sick stuff,” Spotlight media group founder Michael McAdams wrote in response. 

“Yikes,” podcast host Mike Sperrazza similarly tweeted.

Entrepreneur Steve Murch shared multiple sets of statistics about the involvement of biological men in women’s sports and wrote, “This is not the popular stance they may think it is. They’re too attuned to Twitter reruns from 2020.”

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