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Indiana man allegedly fatally stabs ex-girlfriend 51 times after catching her making fun of him

An Indiana man accused of killing and attempting to dismember a woman in late July allegedly stabbed her 51 times after discovering text messages indicating she was seeing another man, according to court records.

According to prosecutors in Indianapolis, Indiana, Marcus Garvin, 33, was charged with murder after he was allegedly caught on surveillance video dragging his girlfriend, 30-year-old Christie Holt’s, decomposing body to a wooded area near a motel. 

According to the probable cause affidavit, on July 30, 2021, Indianapolis police received a call at approximately 5 a.m. regarding a “suspicious person” dragging a sheet “with something heavy” toward the wooded area before returning to a room at the motel. The male was allegedly, “kept looking back to see if anyone was watching,” according to court documents. 

Marcus Garvin

Prosecutors charged Marcus Garvin, 33, with murder Tuesday, June 6 for killing his girlfriend, Christie Holt.  (Indianapolis Police Department)

Motel workers told police that Garvin and Holt were long-term guests and had stayed at the motel since October 2021. 

Witnesses told investigators Holt had previously said Garvin was abusive, reportedly telling them that he had choked her and that she was afraid to leave him. The affidavit noted that when workers told her that they would call authorities, she said that he was just verbally abusive-despite having regular bruising on her and hand prints on her neck. 

Always Inn

Marcus Garvin and Christie Holt were longterm guests at a motel, the Always Inn, in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Google Maps)

At approximately 8:55 a.m., authorities found Garvin — fully dressed and wearing a backpack — in the bathroom of his motel room and took him into custody.

The room smelled of human decomposition, court documents said. Police allegedly found a red dolly by the front door, a grocery cart, a trash can, a cut-off GPS monitoring device on the floor, and no bedding on the bed. 

He told investigators he went through Holt’s cellphone while she was sleeping and learned she was seeing another man, with whom she was “making fun of him by not having a job and/or going anywhere in life,” according to the affidavit.

Garvin said he woke Holt up, “grabbed a small knife and stabbed the side of her neck two times,” according to investigators. Holt attempted to defend herself, but Garvin reportedly “stabbed her numerous times in the neck, upper body and possibly the left leg.” 

Indianapolis police vehicle

Indianapolis Police arrived at the Always Inn and arrested Marcus Garvin for allegedly stabbing Christie Holt 51 in the head, neck, and torso.  (Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

He attempted to dismember Holt but was unable to cut through the bones. He eventually decided to dump her dismembered body near the motel. 


He allegedly stabbed a customer who was taking too long in a restroom at a Circle K where he worked as a cashier, according to FOX59. 

After the stabbing in 2020, Garvin reportedly returned to the cash register, threw the knife onto the counter, and said, “D—, that was satisfying,” the affidavit said.

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