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'Mystery’ trucker tackles suspect with ‘skill of a linebacker’ amid police chase: video

A Florida sheriff’s office is lauding a good Samaritan trucker with the “skills of a linebacker” who tackled a suspect fleeing authorities. 

“Truckers are used to taking part in long convoys, but this convoy looked a little different. As he stood next to his semi, the Good Samaritan truck driver watched a line of MCSO deputies running after a fleeing man. It felt right to help,” the Martin County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a Facebook post of the incident. 

Authorities say suspect Robert Lee Clark, 19, ran from deputies just before 10 p.m. on June 11 and wound up in a Florida parking lot where the unidentified trucker was taking a break from driving. 

Aerial footage of the scene shows Clark sprinting down Florida roads as at least two sheriff vehicles follow in pursuit. The suspect was armed at the start of the pursuit but tossed his weapon as he fled, according to investigators. 

Suspect in Florida flees police

Suspect Robert Lee Clark, 19, seen running into a good Samaritan trucker as he flees authorities. (Martin County Sheriff’s Office)

“The mystery trucker, with skills of a linebacker and the heart of a truck ‘stop’ stepped in and created the wall that people joke about hitting when they have a bad headache. And just like that, 19-year old Robert Lee Clark was eastbound and down,” the sheriff’s office said in its Facebook post. 


Good Samaritan tackles suspect

Good Samaritan trucker tackles and pins suspect to the ground. (Martin County Sheriff’s Office)

Clark was not injured during the tackle and arrest, “but his pride was a little injured,” according to the sheriff’s office. 

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