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Planets quiz! How well do you know these fun facts about our solar system?

Earth Day 2023 is on April 22. 

While there’s a lot to know and love about planet Earth, there are plenty of unique and fascinating features to note about the rest of the planets out in space.

In this fun lifestyle quiz, test your knowledge of our solar system — and see how well you do!

Planets quiz! How well do you know these facts about our solar system?

How much do you know about the planets? Found out here!

Scientists believe Uranus spins on its side due to a possible collision with an Earth-sized object long ago – true or false?

What is the average temperature on Mars?

Saturn’s rings are made up of approximately how much water?

Mercury’s orbit around the sun takes how many days?

In which year was Pluto downgraded to a “dwarf planet” by the International Astronomical Union?

The solar system is approximately how old?

Mars is home to a volcano larger than the entire state of Hawaii – true or false?

Which is the correct order of the first three planets from the Sun?

Neptune — known for being extremely windy — sees wind speeds that can blow up to how many miles per hour?

    How many dwarf planets are in our solar system, according to NASA?

    The Earth is not perfectly round – true or false?

    Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is actually which of these?

    Jupiter has at least how many moons in the Jovian system, according to NASA?

    Venus’ light-yellow appearance is caused by which chemical compound found on its surface?

    Which planet is the hottest in our solar system?

    Try again!


    You’ve got some work to do!

    You’re almost a genius!

    You’re a genius!

    Mobile app users: Click here to play the quiz!

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    (Photo credit on quiz: iStock)

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