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Woman who posed as a boy to have relations with teen girl convicted of sex assault, cleared of other charges

CHESTER, ENGLAND — A woman who posed as a boy called George has been found guilty of one charge of sex assault but cleared of 16 other charges after she was accused of tricking a teenage girl into having sex with her.

Georgia Bilham, 21, fooled her victim after contacting her using a fake Snapchat profile for a “George Parry.”

She would wear boys’ clothes, keep her hood up and hide her long blonde hair, even when the pair slept together, claiming to be “paranoid” because of ties to an Albanian drug gang.

Bilham would also take away the very short-sighted girl’s glasses when they met, leaving her “essentially blind,” and speak like a man with a Birmingham accent to disguise her true identity.


The court heard how Bilham, who claimed not to have gotten any sexual gratification out of the relationship, deceived her victim into thinking she was a young man after they began messaging online.

They eventually met up, and their relationship became sexual with the girl still believing Bilham was a boy, according to the prosecution.

The prosecution said the girl — who can’t be named for legal reasons — couldn’t have fully consented to the sexual activity because she believed George was really male.

And they labeled Bilham “an accomplished liar” who had deceived her alleged victim into a sexual relationship by creating the character George Parry.

Bilham, 21, admitted pretending to be George but said she got trapped in a “web of lies.”

Bilham denied having ever placed anything in her underwear to mimic a penis and claimed her alleged victim had sometimes kept her glasses on when they met.

She created the George Parry Snapchat profile, using a photo of a boy with spiky blond hair that she knew at school, as an “escape” because she wasn’t happy with herself.

Her relationship with the girl was described as “love-hate” and sometimes “toxic.”

“There is no doubt that Georgia Bilham lied about who she was, but they both knew it was fiction,” Snowdon said.

The jury heard that Bilham was driving around in her mother’s Ford Focus with the girl one night in May 2021 when it crashed into a hedge.

When the police arrived, the girl heard “George” giving officers her real name and Bilham said she believed the girl knew she was actually female from that point onward.

Bilham replied: “I don’t even dress like a lad, it just took over my life.”

Judge Michael Leeming released Bilham on bail ahead of sentencing on July 19, but warned her that it was “no indication” a custodial sentence wouldn’t be imposed.

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