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GREG GUTFELD: Democrats turned a city worth billions into a third-world hellhole

What a sexy audience. Yeah. All right. Happy Wednesday, everyone. So, great news out of NYC this week. I made it another week without being murdered, but also four NYPD transit cops caught an alleged killer and a suspected serial slasher in under just 24 hours. Yeah, it’s about time, huh? Yeah, it wasn’t that hard since they were both wearing “I Heart Murder and Slashing” t-shirts. But seriously, you won’t believe how the police did this. They used this amazing technology, pictures. 


Yep, the cops recognized both the perps from internal department wanted posters. It’s amazing how this whole thing works. So you have a guy’s description, and then you circulate it and that helps you catch the guy. It’s insane, pretty awesome, except, well, we really don’t do that anymore. That’s why I bring it up. Mug shots, as you know, are now considered racist, just like everything else is racist. Now, you got to remember, after the George Floyd riots, one of the first things to go when we decided policing was evil was the use of mug shots. San Francisco Police Chief William Scott announced it early on they would no longer release mug shots of those arrested unless they posed imminent danger to the public. Now, I know, I know, isn’t that why they’re under arrest in the first place? No, they’re under arrest, because we’re all bigots. You racist, homophobic, transphobic, meat eating monster. But yes, apparently there’s compelling research suggesting a correlation between mug shots and a perception of bias. Translation, if a picture was once worth a thousand words, now it’s just four: nothing to see here. 

Now, they’re not the only city with such a policy, it’s everywhere. It’s like all liberal city governments spin a wheel and every answer is the same, racism. But wouldn’t releasing the mug shots lead to transparency to see if these arrests are actually justified? Yeah, only a racist would say that, your white hoods [are] probably at the dry cleaners. Look, there’s no need to recount San Francisco’s horrors, now when they talk about the big one it’s never about an earthquake it’s after a sidewalk pooper eats tacos. The list of companies fleeing that town is longer than the list of Kat’s exes and according to The Wall Street Journal, hotels in San Fran are selling so cheap, crack houses are complaining about the declining property values. They turned a city with beautiful weather and an economy worth billions into a third world hellhole where the only hope is an earthquake, it’s Mogadishu, but with seafood. 

Look at Chicago last weekend after 75 people were shot and 23 killed, including two kids. A police chief there responded, “It’s unfortunate.” Yeah, strong words, that’s what I say when I forget my assistant’s birthday, and we share the same birthday. I get two presents. But two real life a dozen murders in two days, bummer, man. Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson blames crime on disinvestment. And I agree. It’s funny how investors don’t want to keep building stores that get set on fire, but this is the pattern in our Dem run cities. The mayors and legislators invent new ways to handcuff the cops than hire police chiefs who will go along with this kabuki theater and kids die, mostly ones of color because they just can’t buy a mansion in a city that has law enforcement just like a Black Lives Matter founder did. 

New York City subway slashing

New York City officers secure the scene of an attack on the city’s L train this week. A man allegedly slashed a woman in the face and injured a gid Samaritan who tried to intervene.  (Fox New York)


So let me suggest something to the top cops out there. Ignore the mayors and do your job and to people living in these cities, thank them when they get the job done. It’s what I do every time they escort me. I just end there. I thank them all the time, especially after I wake up nude in the Central Park fountain. I hope that maybe, maybe one day even liberals will realize that the rose colored glasses are actually covered in blood.

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