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Hunter Biden just did his part to help decide 2024 election

Hunter Biden’s sweetheart plea deal – and protection from typical punishment – will likely become major assets for his father’s most dangerous challenger.

Consider that the same Department of Justice that is treating Joe Biden’s son with kid gloves is threatening his biggest political rival with potentially 400 years of jail time. That only accounts for one of four legal assaults designed to engineer the political environment and protect the incumbent president.

This stark contrast in the Biden administration’s selective use of the justice system will prove to be astonishingly destructive politically. It will only strengthen former President Donald Trump and weaken President Biden.

You must wonder how the Biden loyalists at DOJ thought Hunter Biden’s clearly one-sided, absurd deal would not lead to a massive public backlash.

Hunter Biden enjoys White House state dinner while facing federal charges Video

Biden family defenders (and the elite media) have claimed this isn’t a fair comparison because Hunter Biden was a so-called first offender. To quote President Joe Biden “C’mon, man!” Hunter Biden has a long-documented history of illegal drug activity and questionable business dealings. He’s never been prosecuted because his father is a long-serving U.S. Senator-turned-Vice President-turned President. This flimsy defense only clarifies the bias.

Further, these so-called personal mistakes by Hunter Biden pale in comparison to the much more serious questions about his professional life. Why did the widow of the Mayor of Moscow send him $3.5 million? Why did Burisma put him on the board when he knows nothing about natural gas or Ukraine? What did he do to earn money from Kazakhstan and Romania? Why did a Chinese oligarch send him a diamond? Why did the Bidens set up so many shell companies if they aren’t trying to hide the flow of foreign money?


President Trump is on the edge of becoming the symbol of Americans being attacked and oppressed by their own government. The proof is the degree to which Americans believe the FBI and the DOJ are corrupt. Even before Trump was indicted, two-thirds of Americans believe the DOJ has been weaponized for political purposes. This will only get worse.

Specifically within the Republican electorate, every attack on President Trump or Republicans – and every defense of the Biden family, the Clintons, and other Democrats – will cement the belief that there is an entrenched, biased establishment that must be defeated.

This week, Hunter Biden did his share to help Trump become the Republican nominee. Future revelations of Biden family corruption are likely to put Trump back in the White House.

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